Yamaha Dealer for Malaysia

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I think it won't be enough if I didn't help you guys to get valid source for more info about any Yamaha model in Malaysia. So, let me give you a reliable source to help you guys with it.

For your information, Hong Leong Yamaha is the only one distributor with license from Yamaha company. Being the only onle Yamaha dealer in Malaysia, they have done a great job since 1982 if I'm not mistaken. Congratulation to them, for being the only one, who had a deal to distribute Yamaha bike for Malaysian market. As you might now, some country in the world doesn't have chance to own any Yamaha bike as there are no dealer in their country. Lucky us to have Hong Leong Yamaha as the only Yamaha Dealer in Malaysia.

So, here is the link for Yamaha dealer in Malaysia

Hong Leong Yamaha Motors Sdn. Bhd


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Nice, just what I needed, there are many shops here but couldn't find any Yamaha Dealer. Thanks for sharing information with us....