RXZ Catalyzer 1st Edition (2001)

Sorry for my late post. I was busy looking for any material to blog. And luckyly I got a catalogue of Yamaha RXZ Catalyzer 1st Edition from my friend-Ah Keong. Yamaha took courageous steps to redesign Yamaha RXZ. It was the 3rd generation with full aerodynamic design due to the millennium year of 2001. This time it definitely redesign, some people say it was new born coz it really have different look from the past model. The catalyzer exhaust system also good for it's friendly environment and didn't make more noise. More over it produce more torque, refer to the riders opinion.


Biskutz said...

pergh.. caghe jer tgk motor rxz ni.. dlu der 2 motor jns ni kat umah sy.. dua2 tu abgf2 sy punye..tapi skang dh takder.. yg first kna curi, satu lag sapan sbab eksiden.. cedey je.. slalu je trbayangkn motor ni.,. nant leh rempit2.. hohoho..

Flywheel said...

ah..biskutz... ppuan kan? ekekek... tgk blog moto gak die.. xsgke.. ape kabar tg idham 2? hhehe

Muhammad Hanafiah Bin Mohammad Nor said...

boss,, antara 3 set catalyzer first model,,, merah,kuning,biru,, mana satu yang paling limited????