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Readers pressure made me a bit stress. They urged me to write something more specific
about any Yamaha (motorcycle) model coz they are really interested in Yamaha RXZ 135,
Yamaha 125 Z, Yamaha 135 LC, and Yamaha Ego. All this bike names refer to Malaysia due
to my most visitor come from Malaysia. Instead the pressure, I’m thankful for their response. It shows their loyalty, support to this blog :D Okay...then I'll start to post about it soon.
But I'm wondering where to start? Which model must I start with? Actually I'm facing problem to collect info from Malaysia coz I'm away from it now. Huh~ but I'll try my best. Mm..if anyone of you could help me to gather the info, oh thanks a lot dude. Feel free to share with me. Let's contribute for this blog...


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I am a big fan of Yamaha Bikes especially their heavy bikes. I think you should start your review with Yamaha 135 LC. This will be good.