1st Yamaha 125 Z Design

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This time I would like to share a few picture of the 1st Yamaha 125 Z model. Yamaha 125Z is
underbone cub powered by 2 stroke 125cc Yamaha engine. Entering Malaysian market in early 1997,(forgive me if I'm mistaken) it got hot reception among Malaysian rider.It has top
of the range everything: originally 125cc high revving engine, Brembo duobloc brakes, catalyzer exhaust and aeorodynamic nice design so it fulfilled riders desire in it class. For the 1st edition, as you can see, it came out with non sport rim-with scale 17 inch rim. Despite of this blemish factor, it’s still have originally high revving engine makes it very familiar among youth of Malaysia. Unfortunately,they gone wild-racing at the road in the hustle bustle of the city even in the village! Not just racing, they also love to make show off and performance to show their skills such as burn out, wheelie, "whee-kang"(rear wheelie) and more dangerous trick. Then the title of "Mat Rempit" spread all over Malaysia. Mat Rempit refer to the riders who ride motorcycle rapidly, and in dangerous way. Ok, I'll tell you more bout it soon. Now look down below, the 1st design of Yamaha 125z. The 1st decal quite simple for me but still represent it's hot and powerful performance...
All this photos is credited to bikepics.com