Why Yamaha?

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Why do I blog on Yamaha? In fact, I think all readers agree with statement saying that Yamaha is the most perfect, powerful and persistent bike from the past time. Let's hear my opinion and the confession as a user of Yamaha. Do not forget to share your thoughts here. For your information I also have a Yamaha motorcycle 125-Z that I bought from my classmate. RM4200 worth, I got a package of cover set for free and a couple of aloy rim-17 inches. Here's why I choose Yamaha..

1. I'd fall in love with Yamaha design. It is well designed, looks so beautiful with superb aerodynamics and so hot. In fact, it was love at the 1st sight when I saw for the 1st time in my life on TV (I am not sure whether in 1998 or 1999), I think it was already perfect design. And I started to dream to have it one soon. Just imagine how lucky and happy I am when I bought it on April 2004. It seems 2 be my birthday present. =D

2. There is no reason to deny the fact that Yamaha provide success and horseback sattisfy their proper functioning of the engine. Maybe my statement was influenced by that I admired MotoGP Valentino Rossi too! In fact, there is no other manufacturer can beat Yamaha very well.

3. Haha .. wherever, whenever I go, there is so many people hangout riding Yamaha bike including Yamaha RXZ, 125Z, 125Z-R, LC, Legend, SS, SS Two, and Ego. My country-Malaysia have the most riders of Yamaha. So it's kind of an attract 4 me to blog bout Yamaha. It seems to be a lifestyle of youth in Malaysia nowdays having Yamaha as their vehicle.

That's all, I hope you will enjoy yourself here and we can share all kinds of information about Yamaha motorcycle here and see you next time...


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