Yamaha 135LC History

The Yamaha Y135LC debuted in 2005 for Thai and Indonesian market before brought in Malaysian market in February 2006. The Y135LC was designed by the headquarters of Yamaha Motor Company in Japan for Asean market. The model was very successful in Southeast Asia especially in Malaysia.

To promote the Y135LC, Yamaha organized an Asean road tour known as the Yamaha Pan Asean Tour, traveling 9,000 km on roads in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines, which ended on May 2006. For your information, it have their own named, different due to their country. The Yamaha Spark 135i, or Yamaha T135 as the experts call the motorcycle. To be honest the Yamaha Spark 135 has many names in the Philippines the Spark is known as the Yamaha Sniper and in Indonesia as the Yamaha Jupiter MX and some parts of the world the Yamaha Spark 135i is known by the simple name of just Yamaha 135LC.

Yamaha 135LC (Malaysia Version)

Yamaha 135LC Limited Edition (Malaysia Version)


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